NetSuite Support Plans & Training

Get the most out of NetSuite with our rigorous support services.

Providing Next-Level Support to Help Your Business Take Flight

Whether you need a one-off project, ongoing services, or something in between, StratusGreen has the NetSuite support program to fit your specific situation.

The return on your investment into NetSuite hinges on using it to its maximum potential. Our white-glove, diligent support services help you achieve your goals faster and easier so you can focus on your customers.

Within the various sales cycles, implementations and support engagements, we’ve never seen two engagements exactly the same. Our support team will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure all options are weighed and maintain open and honest communication throughout the project.

In an initial discovery session, we review your workflow processes and evaluate any complex challenges that may come up so we're on the same page. We'll deliver a detailed scope of work needed to achieve your business goals.

Phase 1

Once we've confirmed your current systems, we'll establish timelines and budget to execute the scope of work.

Phase 2

We'll execute the implementation, on time and on budget. Our continuing goal is to ensure that your NetSuite solution continues to support your business strategies for future growth.

Phase 3

We ensure your NetSuite solution continues to support your business strategies for future growth.

Phase 4

StratusGreen Support Plans


Starter Plan

No Monthly Minimums

Professional Plan

Ongoing Project Management

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Comprehensive NetSuite Training

Based in the U.S. and Canada

We are a North American firm that can visit your business onsite for gathering requirements, implementation, training, and ongoing meetings. This is how we ensure that your business hits its ongoing goals when bringing on a new integrated ERP solution.

Easily Accessible

We're available anytime you need to reach us. You’ll never have to call a 1-800 number or rely on calculating time zones for overseas support. We’re local, and we’re reliable.

Dedicated Points of Contact

You’ll receive a dedicated account manager that knows your business inside and out. They’ll remain with you throughout the duration of our relationship so you never have to repeat yourself to a new team member who’s unfamiliar with your business.

Real-Life NetSuite Experience

Our team has a combined 50 years of experience with customizing and successfully implementing NetSuite into a wide variety of businesses. We all came to StratusGreen because we saw an opportunity to leverage our previous experience with NetSuite to truly serve clients with one-on-one implementation processes specially tailored to their business needs.


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