NetSuite Financials

Get complete insight and robust management of your company's financial picture.

Financials Overview

Get a complete picture of your business's finances in one platform. This flexibility makes it easier for you to scale operations and remain compliant with ever-changing regulations.


Get dedicated controller roles and dashboards give users a wide variety of financial metrics and trending indicators representing pieces of the corporate financial position that require daily attention.

One-Click Access to Important Metrics

With one-click access, users can view formal financial reporting, income statements, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. Income statement reports can be generated from the dashboard tile, or, more formally, from the Reporting Financial Menu.


You can customize the look and feel or the default view for any report. Break out options by department, class, location, or accounting using relative date ranges and subsidiary context. If you want to see the report filtered only for a single class or a group of classes, NetSuite allows that flexibility.

Export Reports

Reports can be saved as a PDF, CSV, Excel spreadsheet, or Microsoft Word document. You can print from the browser, email directly to a user, or schedule NetSuite reports to run on a recurring, predefined schedule.

Financials First Premium: Budgets

NetSuite comes with a predefined role for the controller with a dedicated dashboard, including budget tiles representing up to the minute insights into the business financials.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

NetSuite provides a suite of revenue management features that helps businesses to streamline their revenue recognition process.



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