StratusGreen Success Story: Duda

Founded in 2010, Duda began as a beacon of innovation for small businesses, focusing on enhancing mobile web traffic. 

The company swiftly evolved, broadening its horizons to responsive web design. This strategic expansion allowed Duda to cater to a broader audience, notably digital agencies, and SaaS companies, helping them create professional, high-quality websites.

Duda’s evolution demanded a robust ERP system, and in 2021, they began their journey with NetSuite. But after implementation, it became apparent they needed more from NetSuite, particularly for invoice processing.

Enter StratusGreen and Paper Street Agreements.

A Suite Connection

StratusGreen and Duda initially connected at Suiteworld in 2021. Roy Sharon is VP Corporate Controller of Duda. Roy’s accounting team was there following the company’s recent implementation of NetSuite and saw the potential for a business relationship.

“At that time, we had just integrated NetSuite and weren’t necessarily looking to automate our billing system,” said Roy. While Roy encountered StratusGreen without specific NetSuite motives, the experience set the stage for a successful partnership.

An Invoice Problem, a Paper Street Solution


Though Duda worked with NetSuite since 2021, they experienced one recurring issue: invoicing.

Specifically, the company manually inputted and invoiced 300 customers. They needed an automated solution to save a week’s worth of time and costs.

Roy said, “We looked at other solutions, many external to NetSuite. These would require running multiple ERP systems at once to close the books.”

The disjointed nature of these options was not ideal for Roy. After further research, he selected Paper Street Agreements, noting both the flexibility and cost-savings over competitors, including NetSuite.

“Paper Street has the ability to change and allow for different scenarios. Plus, it was significantly more affordable than NetSuite’s option.”

Paper Street Tailored For Duda

Venn Diagram

After a four-month implementation in 2023, Roy is pleased with the evolution of Paper Street Agreements within the Duda ecosystem.

“We’ve definitely noticed the improvements,” said Roy. “We trimmed down seven days of work to 3-4 days to create invoices. We’re able to avoid mistakes much better now. We’ve also identified historical errors and inconsistencies in customer contracts, just through the implementation process alone.”

In Roy’s opinion, the switch to Paper Street Agreements has been an excellent exercise in cleaning up shop while improving processing and reducing errors. Also, customization opportunities have been very beneficial.

“Duda’s product offerings require a robust order form, not a one-order-form-fits-all solution,” explained Roy. “The StratusGreen team was immensely helpful in creating an appropriate script of Paper Street that specifically addresses the Duda environment.”

Roy’s biggest request was a simplistic solution so they could independently make changes in NetSuite rather than going to a scriptwriter.

“StratusGreen was successful in fulfilling this request. They essentially adapted Paper Street to Duda.”

Not only this, but StratusGreen has been able to troubleshoot for Duda in real time.

“One of the embedded issues we discovered was the ability of the system to ingest huge amounts of data during invoice processing. We essentially had to figure out how to bring the data into the system so it would take 3-4 hours to process rather than 3-4 days,” recalls Roy. “It was ingenious of the StratusGreen team to figure that out.”

Duda and StratusGreen have an ongoing plan to evolve Paper Street. 

“We’re continuing to evaluate what automation we’d like and how to set up the script,” explained Roy. “It’s been a lot of real-time testing, but StratusGreen has been highly receptive and open-minded to adapting the script to our specific needs. They’ve spent more time on it than we’ve expected them to, and it’s been great for Duda.”

Roy comments on his relationship with StratusGreen, “They’ve been a great partner to work with!”

StratusGreen: Your Partner In Tailored Solutions


We take immense pride in building systems that work specifically for your business. Check out our suite of Paper Street products, designed to optimize NetSuite for whatever challenges your business may face.

Reach out to the StratusGreen team for more information. We’re accessible across all time zones and passionate about all things NetSuite!

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