StratusGreen Success Story: Precision Materials

When Richard Oliver, former CFO of Precision Materials, joined the wood manufacturing company in 2017, he recognized the company’s limitless growth potential.

Based in Taylorsville, North Carolina, Precision Materials was originally founded in 2009 by Scott McHugh. Precision Materials serves as a contract manufacturer catering to various sectors, including furniture, bedding, and point-of-purchase displays.

Why Businesses Choose Precision Materials

Precision Materials - Wood manufacturing

Businesses across the United States rely on Precision Materials to fulfill their requirements for enhanced production capacity, operational efficiency, value-add engineering, and large-scale manufacturing.

Boasting four well-appointed facilities in North Carolina, Precision Materials possesses cutting-edge machinery and a skilled workforce. It can support any company seeking assistance fabricating components or final products using diverse wood species or plastics.

The company acquired several companies in its lifespan and had grown by more than 30% by the time Richard joined.

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Not only had the company grown substantially, but it was also building a strong reputation as the go-to manufacturer for quality service and competitive pricing.

Their rapid success demanded that Richard consider overhauling Precision’s piecemeal ERP approach.

Why NetSuite Was Perfect for Precision Materials

Connected puzzle pieces showing the perfect fit between NetSuite and Precision Materials

Through his 30+ year career, Richard has experienced a variety of ERP systems across several industries. One thing he noticed with Precision’s existing package was that it was not integrated. 

Their business practices were so mismatched to the software that they were constantly battling to “outwork” their programs. 

Keeping this and his knowledge of ERP software in mind, he set out to search for four main things in a new system:

  1. An ERP that could easily integrate into existing software and processes
  2. A cloud-based ERP that would not require on-site IT assistance
  3. A software with options that would support best practices and encourage process improvements as part of the implementation
  4. A fairly priced ERP that could scale with the business as it continued to grow and change

In his research, NetSuite stood above the rest across the board. After a swift and successful implementation, StratusGreen stepped in to facilitate the company’s continued success as Precision’s NetSuite support team.

Why StratusGreen Was a Perfect Fit

Quote from former Precision Materials CFO, Richard Oliver - They want you to grow, and they want you to grow in the right way

Once the NetSuite implementation phase was complete, Richard began searching for a reliable NetSuite partner to help Precision plan and strategize its business and technology blueprint.

Richard’s ideal NetSuite partner would understand the wood manufacturing industry, offer consistent communication, and prioritize efficiency. Once he met with StratusGreen, it was clear that he had found a sustainable solution. 

What stands out to Richard about StratusGreen is the team’s industry and institutional knowledge, genuine communication, and resource management. He appreciated how Precision Materials could consistently rely on the same professionals within the StratusGreen team.

When asked about NetSuite and Richard’s experience with StratusGreen, he replied, 

“I’ve been able to spend time with the StratusGreen team, and I can say that they’re very authentic and comfortable with who they are. Since the relationship started, not a quarter has passed since I don’t get a check-in call from the team, and it’s never sales-y. You can tell they always want to be updated on how the business is doing so they can help make the best short-term and long-term decisions possible. They want you to grow, and they want you to grow in the right way.”

Are You a Manufacturing Company Looking to Grow?

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Working with manufacturing businesses is what we do.

With six decades combined years of experience, the StratusGreen consulting team works hand-in-hand with manufacturing business leaders to take them to the next level.

We’re real people solving real challenges for our customers like Precision Materials. As a top-tier NetSuite Solutions provider, our laser focus means and white-glove approach, you’ll get service tailored to your specific needs and solutions backed by battle-tested business strategies.

If you have any questions about NetSuite’s manufacturing capabilities, please reach out to us — we’d be happy to help.

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