SuitePeople Payroll

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What is SuitePeople Payroll?

NetSuite's SuitePeople is a cloud-based payroll management solution that helps businesses manage their employee payroll processes. The solution offers a suite of tools to manage employee data, payroll processing, and compliance reporting. It also includes a self-service portal for employees to access their pay stubs and W-2 forms. SuitePeople integrates with other NetSuite applications, such as accounting and human resources, to provide a complete view of an organization's workforce. As a result, businesses can use SuitePeople to streamline their payroll processes and improve information transparency across the organization.

Your employees will finally have easy access to view their pay stubs and your accounting team won’t have to rely on spreadsheets to get a full picture of finances at the end of each pay period.


Payroll managers get their very own dashboard offering visibility and easy access to key metrics, important links, payroll reminders, and notifications.


Benefits List

  • Reduce the time it takes to process payroll with powerful automation
  • Stay compliant with ever-changing guidelines
  • Automatically get payroll taxes done with no need for calculations
  • Reduce payroll costs by avoiding extra payroll software
  • Manage payroll costs at every level

Features List

  • Intelligent batch processing recommends pay frequency, pay period, check date, and period ending date without manual intervention.
  • Batch calculates employees’ gross earnings, contributions, deductions, and taxes while maintaining flexibility to manage unique payment circumstances.
  • Review significant pay variances and make edits without having to run a new batch.
  • Review net pay variances from the home dashboard KPI to identify payments that deserve further scrutiny.
  • Preview by employee for visibility into net pay, their expenses, and taxes.
  • Generate paychecks using NetSuite Payroll and review reports that offer payroll managers yet another opportunity to validate for accuracy.
  • View direct impact to financials once a payroll batch is processed.
  • Keep payroll staff aware of payouts and liabilities through transparency into financial transactions.

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