Meet the StratusGreen Team

Josh Green
Founder & CEO

Josh Green is the founder and CEO of StratusGreen. His goal as the CEO is to let everybody do their intended jobs and be helpful wherever he can. Josh has been working with NetSuite for over 10 years and decided to start his own consulting business because he believed he had something unique to offer. He knows from personal experience that implementing a new ERP affects everyone in a company from the VPs down to entry-level sales, and decided to create a consultancy that caters to every employee’s needs. Josh has built a team of developers and consultants that know exactly what’s possible with NetSuite and works collaboratively to design long-term solutions that are surgically customized to each customer’s business model. He wants you to know that he’s doing his best to build a company culture where everyone can depend on each other and feel valued for their contributions. Oh, and he can wiggle his ears too!

Dany Capodieci
Vice President of Sales and Growth Strategy

Dany Capodieci is the Vice President of Sales and Growth Strategy at StratusGreen. She loves working with the CEO, Josh Green, because of all the autonomy she has in steering sales processes and deciding how to scale the company responsibly. Dany has spent her entire career selling software; from creating revenue programs for on-premises software solutions to helping her previous employer transition from being on-prem to being a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. She has been working with NetSuite for over 8 years, and she’s proud of the contributions she made to developing a remote-working environment for SG this year. She wants you to know that she spends her time off learning to play her Mother’s favorite songs on guitar and that she can do the splits (both ways!).

Darcy Wilson
Senior NetSuite Creative Solutions Consultant

Darcy Wilson is Stratus Green’s Senior NetSuite Creative Solutions Consultant. He considers the capability of NetSuite as it relates to the individual requirements of each business he has the pleasure of working with and looks for both native and custom solutions to implement for them. He loves working at StratusGreen because he feels all of his coworkers are committed to helping each other out, no matter how stressful the job gets. Before Darcy worked at SG, he spent most of his career in the manufacturing sector as a NetSuite administrator. He feels proud of the work he did this year on designing a streamlined manufacturing process using unique travelers that bypassed NetSuite’s admin overhead. On his days off, Darcy makes sure to spend as much time as possible with his family and friends. He wants you to know that he’s a curious soul who has come a long way from truck-surfing as a teenager.

Celeste Case-Ruchala
NetSuite Practice Vice President

Celeste Case-Ruchala is StratusGreen’s NetSuite Practice Vice President; which means she interfaces with clients, employees, and management weekly to problem-solve and brainstorm ideas on how to keep improving and growing the company. Celeste holds a Ph.D. in clarinet performance, and during her search for a professorship at a university, she took a part-time job at a cruise company as their missions analyst. From there, she developed her diverse skill-set of developing automated solutions for billing and sales processes. She feels proud of the work she did this year to help solve particular pain points in the automotive manufacturing industry, and looks forward to sharing them with you in 2022! She takes time off to participate in Ironman triathlons and coach her local master swim team. Celeste wants you to know that she also doubles as a member of a pit orchestra for musical theater performances, and looks forward to playing Sweeney Todd once pandemic restrictions are lifted in Arizona!

Law Eraso
Consulting Director of Support

Law Eraso is our Consulting Director of Support and has been with StratusGreen since the very beginning. He works primarily as a project manager in tandem with the development team, with clients in the manufacturing and financial industries. Law has been working with NetSuite for over eight years, and worked previously as a consultant in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He was drawn to SG because of the company culture, and how The CEO encourages his employees to prioritize what each customer wants, even if they have to build it for them from scratch. He’s proud of the work he did this year to help a particular client by building a new inventory system to track their sales rebates. In his spare time, you can find Law counting strikes in his local bowling league. He wants you to know that he’s a United States Army Veteran, and needs you to know that he’s a major fan of the Dallas Cowboys!

Ryan Nilsson
Senior NetSuite Functional Consultant

Ryan Nilsson is a Senior NetSuite Functional Consultant who also works with Lee Staats on the accounting side. Ryan doesn’t just like working for StratusGreen, he loves it! He wants you to know that he’s stayed on as long as he has because his fellow coworkers are kind and helpful to each other, instead of in competition with one another. Before he worked for SG, he was at another consulting firm in Texas and has been working with NetSuite for over three years now. He’s proud of the work he’s done this year with Duncan on implementing NetSuite for a client with an especially involved sales process that required many modifications from our developers. In his downtime, you can find Ryan with his wife and kids, or reading from his extensive at-home library. He wants you to know that he’s an author and wanted to be a cartoonist when he was in high school!

Nathan Holland
NetSuite Functional Consultant

Nathan Holland is a NetSuite Functional Consultant whose primary job is translating wants and capabilities between our customers and developers to ensure everyone gets what they need. He loves working directly with customers and providing tangible solutions that make a real world difference in their daily business. Before Nathan worked for StratusGreen, he was the NetSuite ERP Administrator for an ATV company in his local Southern Indiana community. He is certified as a NetSuite Administrator and has been working with the software for over a year now. During his time off, you can find him playing video games (he has every gaming system available in the U.S.), and spending time with his family. Nathan wants you to know that he and his wife are foster parents, and that they have incredible kiddos constantly coming and going from their home!

Duncan Lysy-Wilson
NetSuite Functional Consultant

Duncan Lysy-Wilson is a NetSuite Functional Consultant who assists companies with their NetSuite implementation processes. He especially enjoys creating custom workflows in tandem with the development team, and working here with his Dad, Darcy Wilson! Before he worked for StratusGreen, Duncan was studying to become an environmental scientist for the Canadian Government. Luckily, Darcy roped him into working as an intern for SG, where Duncan worked his way up to join the consulting team in early 2021. He feels proud of the work he did this year to build the vehicle acquisition and sales process for a leading automotive shipping company that sells internationally. He wants you to know that he plays Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends and that his favorite GIF to add to the company’s random Slack channel is the Roger Roger Star Wars Battle Droid.

Lee Staats
NetSuite Functional Consultant

Lee Staats is a NetSuite Functional Consultant who helps his clients implement NetSuite with whatever customization they may need for their business, and streamline their internal processes to promote efficiency and ease of use. Before he worked for StratusGreen, Lee did basically the same thing for a different ERP system through IBM, at a much larger firm. He prefers the intimate and supportive working environment of SG, where he says the people are incredibly collaborative and humble. Lee is proud of the work he did this year in helping a major client set up automation for all of their subsidiaries, vendors, bills, legacy invoices, invoice templates, and more. In his free time, he enjoys putting together cosplay costumes for conventions, collecting books, and going on hikes with his wife and four children. He wants you and his colleagues to know that he also plays Dungeons & Dragons on the weekends, but not with Duncan, at least, not yet!

Jeremy Bautista
Sales Representative

Jeremy Bautista is a Sales Representative who works directly under StratusGreen’s VP of Sales, Dany Capodieci. Before he worked at SG, Jeremy was a regional sales manager for a different tech company, which is where he met her! He’s been working with NetSuite for over five years, as a customer and as a seller. He wants you to know that he’s proud of the work he did with his first face-to-face client since he started working at SG, whom he got to meet and consult with at SuiteWorld, 2021. In his free time, he stays up till 1:00 AM playing video games, including League of Legends, Final Fantasy 14, and yes, Dungeons & Dragons, where he met most of his closest friends. He wants you to know that he’s ambidextrous, and he often has to take a minute or two to decide which hand he’d like to hold his fork in at mealtimes.

Leigh Huggins
Creative Copywriting Manager

Leigh Huggins is Stratus Green’s Creative Copywriting Manager and spends the majority of her days writing snazzy words to help connect the Sales team with more customers in need of NetSuite consulting. Before she worked for Stratus Green, Leigh freelanced as a branding and social media copywriter in Los Angeles. She feels proud of the work she did this year to write these bios, and streamline the company’s messaging across all digital media and print platforms. In her free time, you can find her cuddled up with her dog, Charlie, reading a good fantasy novel. She wants you to know that she’s a classically trained opera singer and firmly believes stories are the spice of life.

Yasir Tariq
Senior NetSuite Consultant and Developer

Yasir Tariq is a Senior NetSuite Consultant and Developer. He’s responsible for understanding each client’s requirements and problems, designing workable solutions, and implementing those solutions. Anything related to NetSuite or customizations goes! He’s been working in computer sciences since 1995, when he fell in love with the programming language C++. Yasir has over 7 years of experience with NetSuite and connected with StratusGreen’s CEO when he hired Yasir to head his NetSuite development team for a previous employer. He loves the collaborative nature of his team here, and says that even having spent so much time in computer sciences he learns something new from his coworkers every day. Yasir always feels proud when a solution he implements makes his customer’s business goals attainable, and loves the free rein he has at StratusGreen to be creative and push the boundaries of NetSuite’s capabilities. In his time off you can find him tinkering with his car, AKA breaking it so he can repair it all over again!

Muhammad Noor
Principle Software Engineer

Muhammad Noor is a Prinicple Software Engineer who works with both NetSuite and Celigo, both of which he holds Master Certifications for. Before he worked for StratusGreen, Muhammad was a senior engineer for a Level III Telecom Service in the UAE where he worked primarily as a Java and Android developer. Muhammad has been working in computer sciences for over 15 years! He loves working at StratusGreen because of the space he has here to experiment and come up with his own unique solutions to problems. He feels proud of the work he did this past year automating previously manual processes for a popular beverage supplier who has been waiting to move into production for over a year now. He hadn’t heard of NetSuite before he started working at StratusGreen, but now he has over a year of experience with it. In his time off, you can find Muhammad experimenting in the kitchen, working creatively to feed his wife, two kids, and extended family!

Atif Azad
Senior NetSuite Developer

Atif Azad is a Senior NetSuite Developer who provides customized solutions, writes scripts, and programs searches for integrations. He also supports the junior developers. Atif has been working as a programmer for the past 9 years, and has been working primarily with NetSuite for the past three. He feels proud of the work he did this past year to convert a company’s Lot Traceability functionality from 1.0 to 2.0. He was also one of the primary players in Stratus Green’s integration between HubSpot and NetSuite in 2021! As a Senior Developer, Atif has been hard at work on all of our NetSuite-adjacent projects like the Paper Street Scheduler in Microsoft technologies. On the weekends you can find him playing cricket with his friends and family.

Muhammad Nawaz
Junior NetSuite Developer

Muhammad Nawaz is a Junior NetSuite Developer who develops SuiteApps, works on customer ERP customizations, integrates third part applications within NetSuite, and works out of the box to create long-term solutions for our clients. Before he worked at StratusGreen, Muhammad was studying to receive his Master’s in Business and Information Technology. He’s been working with NetSuite for over two years, and graduated with honors while working as a NetSuite developer. Muhammad loves the team he works with at StratusGreen, especially how appreciative everyone is of each other’s contributions and how cooperative the other developers are even though they all work remotely. On the weekends you can find him playing card games and cricket with his friends and family, and when pandemic restrictions lift he’ll head back to local festivals and movie theaters!

Fahad Noor
Junior NetSuite Developer

Fahad Noor is a Junior NetSuite Developer that works primarily with NetSuite and Javascript. He’s comfortable with every automation and scripting task associated with NetSuite implementations, and also feels excited to start working with one of our software partners, Celigo! During the day he studies information engineering at university and during the evenings he codes away for StratusGreen. Fahad loves the problem-solving aspect of coding because every time he figures out one solution, he feels that everything is right with the world in that moment. When he’s not working, Fahad goes to see movies with friends and enjoys taking bike rides around his neighborhood.

Huda Rehman
Junior NetSuite Developer

Huda Rehman is a Junior NetSuite Developer who works primarily on scripting and coding tasks for customers. She holds a degree in Computer Science and has been working as a desktop application developer for the past year, before joining StratusGreen in early 2020. Huda loves working in internet technology because it makes her feel like she’s participating in creating the future of her field. She’s been working with NetSuite since she joined the development team, and is fluent in every programming language from Javascript to HTML and beyond. Huda is proud of the work she did to complete a monster task for a client that needed to rework their entire sales dashboard; from scripting transactions and populating requirements to saved searches and more! On the weekends, you can find her at the movie theater with her friends or scrolling through online forums to research new technological advancements.

Muhammad Rizwan
Junior NetSuite Developer

Muhammad Rizwan is a Junior NetSuite Developer who loves scripting. He graduated from university in December of 2019 with a degree in computer science and has been working as a NetSuite developer ever since. Muhammad loves how easy computers are to communicate with because when he scripts commands and programs specific responses, they obey! He feels grateful to be working with such a supportive team in an industry that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology and artificial intelligence. On the weekends, you can find him hiking with headphones in his ears, listening to music, and enjoying the great outdoors. He wants you to know Biriyani is one of his favorite foods and he highly recommends you try it!

Sameer Tariq
Junior NetSuite Developer

Sameer Tariq is a Junior NetSuite Developer that works on automation, scripting, and coding projects within NetSuite. Before he worked with StratusGreen, Sameer was in management as a trade officer for a local bank. He’s especially grateful that he decided to switch gears during the pandemic and work in software development because he absolutely loves it! He’s been working with computers since 2006 and has several degrees in computer science. Sameer feels constantly supported by his senior team members and enjoys the critical thinking aspects of his work. He wants you to know that his weekends aren’t complete with an outdoor hike and that he’s the reliable problem solver for his entire friend group.