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Give Your B2B Customers

Real-Time Insight Into Their Account

NetSuite’s B2B SuiteCommerce allows your customers to:

  • Pay invoices
  • Create support cases
  • Interact with customer service
  • View omni-channel purchase history with one click
  • View entire order history regardless of whether orders were placed online or over the phone

Different view sets help refine results in two ways: change the view to show all orders or only see the orders waiting for fulfillment. The date range tool helps your users see specific orders which is really helpful when pulling up a previous order.

View Everything Purchased in Once Place

With B2B SuiteCommerce, users can manage all purchases from one portal. They’re able to verify there are zero outstanding invoices with one click, and view snapshots of their used and available credit limit. They can pay invoices at once or make partial payments, thanks to a unified platform.

Detailed drill-down fields show users:

  • Order status
  • Promotions applied
  • Payment method
  • Tracking details
  • Return requests on products after fulfillment

Secure Payment & Customer Service

Credit card information is automatically retrieved from NetSuite, making invoice payments simple and secure. When contacting customer services from your portal, NetSuite stores requests in detail and saves the customer service dialogue. Anyone on your team can review the entire communication history, allowing anyone to take over at a moment’s notice.

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