Paper Street Agreements

Sold Exclusively by StratusGreen

Automate Billing for Any Agreement

Paper Street Agreements is a subscription-based service sold exclusively by StratusGreen. Agreements is a plug-and-play tool that lives natively in your NetSuite environment using NetSuite data to automate subscription billing, upsells, downsells and returns.

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This gives businesses the flexibility to support various pricing models such as, but not limited to:

  • Monthly billing
  • Annual billing
  • Quarterly billing
  • Usage based billing

Agreements will support any contract your sales team dreams up — and every billing model — without the significant operational support required today.

Now your sales team and back office has full control to automate and manage flexible recurring billing options across your various billing models. Finally businesses can rely on a flexible process that scales as demand increases without the accounting headaches.

Hit Your KPIs
and Know Your Numbers!

Your ARR depends on your ability to meet your bottom line, but you can’t do that if you’re relying on Excel spreadsheets for contract management. The more your business grows, the more products you add to your SaaS solution, and the more complicated tracking your subscription agreements becomes.

Combine all of your legacy systems into one NetSuite dashboard that automatically creates subscription agreements based on your unique pricing systems.

SaaS Billing Made Simple

We combined the best features on the market to create a product with the flexibility your business needs and the functionality your sales team craves.

Discover the ease of subscription contracts automatically generated from your NetSuite sales orders, based on your unique billing structure. Your accountant will thank us.

Make NetSuite Work for You

We know the story. Your company went live on NetSuite 6-18 months ago. After adapting to the complexity of this incredible ERP software, you’ve finally caught your breath! Now, you’re ready to make enhancements, but you don’t know where to begin.

Now imagine how much more you could achieve with automatically generated subscription agreements from NetSuite sales orders. Paper Street Agreements was built to transform your NetSuite user experience, making a robust software experience the most flexible and functional it can be.

Automatic SaaS Agreements

We love NetSuite, but we know how hard it can be to maintain a book of items with individual pricing if your prices are constantly changing. That’s why we created Paper Street Agreements — SaaS subscription billing functionality based on your pricing structure that automatically generates agreements from NetSuite sales orders.

Get usage meter billing and user billing all in one plan that knows the billing rules of your business.

SaaS Subscriptions Made Simple

In SaaS sales, you need to create custom negotiations based on what you’re selling,. But figuring out how to bill for those sales is a whole other animal. We want you to be able to sell every possible iteration of your software in your unique pricing structure, without worrying about the overhead that comes with managing subscriptions.

That’s why we took the best aspects of automated billing for SaaS functionality and put them into the most flexible and functional product on the market: Paper Street Agreements.