2021 Year in Review

Here at StratusGreen, we’ve all been working safely and remotely to ensure we’re building the best tools and products that you’ll need to make NetSuite work for your business.

To wrap up 2021, we wanted to celebrate these new developments with you, and offer a warm thank you for trusting us to be your NetSuite consultants!

2021 Project Highlights

Round Pricing Automation
& Purchase Price Multiplier

First and foremost, we worked with a client in the automotive service industry to streamline their sales discounting and pricing policies. Like most smart sales teams, they round up their discounted prices to the nearest $0.99; thus ensuring the customer feels as though they’re commitment will be well worth their money, without the seller having to sacrifice more than they need to close the deal. Instead of relying on individual math skills and risking countless human errors, we automated this process with NetSuite. Now, any time a member of their sales team offers a discount to a potential customer, all they have to do is enter the amount of the discount, and the base price will automatically round up to the nearest $0.99.

Additionally, we built a custom item field for them that acts as an automatic purchase price multiplier, ensuring they retain the same profit margin between purchase prices and base prices with every order – because why rely on human error and how many cups of coffee you’ve had over a programmed response that saves you time, money, and manpower.

Happy Returns Integration
& Automation

With the holiday season fast approaching and all the digital shopping trends of the past two years moving full steam ahead, we couldn’t be more happy to announce our partnership with Happy Returns – a digital retail returns software that creates convenient in-person drop-off locations for customers looking to make last minute returns or exchanges.

Over the past few months, we’ve helped hone their NetSuite programming to ensure they have access to every customizable choice they might need for every individual retailer they service. Now, they’re able to label certain items as “exchange-only,” group like items as automatically approved for exchange, and even stipulate which items were returnable based on their SKUs.

Yet again, our developers and consultants were able to utilize our knowledge of NetSuite to facilitate greater efficiency between client and customer, and make everyone’s working experience easier to navigate!

3PL Freight Logistics Automation

Speaking of the holidays, what could possibly put more of a snag in your gift-giving activities than pesky shipping errors or unexpected delays? We tackled these pain points head on with a leading outdoor activities brand to ensure they had built-in auto-dispatch processes through their NetSuite dashboard. Now, they can release orders automatically into approval and/or shipping Suitelets where all associated Bill of Lading documents, Picking Tickets, and Packing Slips will be printed, and combined as PDFs and emailed to the user.

Hallelujah for paper trails, eliminating the constant possibilities for human error, and ensuring all of you lovely people get your packages on time this month!

Our Partner Companies

Introducing Shiphawk

The answer to all of your shipping woes.

Shiphawk’s advanced order fulfillment software was built specifically to increase productivity and output, without increasing employee workloads. With Shiphawk, your business could program their own order processing configurations on a single platform that grows with you, without unnecessary manual decision making.

What’s New in 2022

While we at StratusGreen are staunch NetSuite supporters, we constantly get feedback from our clients and developers on what kinds of changes they’d like to see in future updates. Instead of waiting for someone else to develop the functionality you’re asking for, we took it upon ourselves to make the customization tools you need in order for your business to thrive right now.

Paper Street Scheduler Tool

NetSuite’s current manufacturing modules require you to schedule all stages of a particular work order at the same time. That is, assuming that the next work center is ready to receive the part as soon as the first stage of the work order is completed. Obviously, this assumption doesn’t work for every manufacturing model, and few companies can guarantee perfectly in tandem efficiency of every work center in their production line. That’s one of the many reasons why we created an alternative scheduler tool, sold exclusively through StratusGreen. Our model allows you to schedule each subsequent stage of the work order independently, on your schedule.The Paper Street Scheduler gives you full end-to-end scheduling, capacity planning, and potential timing risks to work order completion and delivery across your multiple work centers. Currently, this is the only NetSuite compatible scheduling tool with this capability, because we believe your technology should always adapt to the unique needs of your business model.

Talk to your consultant today about implementing the Paper Street Scheduler, and streamlining your company’s manufacturing processes.

Interchangeable Parts Tracking
& Core Charge Returns

Tired of that build getting held up because the paper trail approving the use of Bolt A in place of Bolt B is just too long to follow? We decided to eliminate the middleman entirely and bring this functionality right to your NetSuite dashboard. Now, that entire build process will be catalogued by NetSuite, and each interchangeable part option will be automatically imported for you, available through a handy drop-down menu.

Additionally, we kept getting complaints regarding how on earth one tracks core charges, especially during the returns process – so we built it. Our developers created a customization option within NetSuite that automatically attaches core charges to specific items throughout the entire sales record, from initial placement to RMA generation and completed return. Imagine: no more accountants gnawing at their bits over pending RMA liabilities on your books. No more calculating core charge return rates from orders created over a year ago only recorded on an invoice that’s long gone. No more cross-department communication squabbles over orders with multiple invoices, all with different core charge requirements.

We’ve got you covered, through any scenario, and through every snafu. Talk to your dedicated Functional Consultant today about what StratusGreen developers can do for you and your business.

HubSpot Integrator

Having your NetSuite instance in sync with your CRM platform is a must. By utilizing the StratusGreen HubSpot Connector, your sales can be streamlined with real-time results.

Our HubSpot Connector was built to help get HubSpot users the most out of their CRM investment. Take a look to see how you and your team can use this integration to your advantage.