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Comprehensive NetSuite Training

Based in the U.S.

We are a U.S.-based firm that can visit your business onsite for requirements gathering, implementation, training, and ongoing meetings. This is how we ensure that your business hits its ongoing goals when bringing on a new integrated ERP solution.

Easily Accessible

We are available anytime you need to reach us. The best part of working with us is that you’ll never have to call a 1-800 number or rely on calculating time zones for overseas support. We’re local, and we’re reliable.

Dedicated Points of Contact

When you start working with us, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager that knows your business inside and out. Additionally, they’ll remain with you throughout the duration of our relationship; which means you never have to re-introduce yourself or reiterate your needs to a new team member who’s unfamiliar with your business.

Real-Life NetSuite Experience

Our team has a combined 50 years of experience with customizing and successfully implementing NetSuite into a wide variety of businesses. We all came to StratusGreen because we saw an opportunity to leverage our previous experience with NetSuite to truly serve clients with one-on-one implementation processes specially tailored to their business needs.

We know how frustrating it can be to feel limited with the capabilities of your current software because we’ve felt the same. That’s why we run our own configurations, offer onsite and remote help, and have a CPA on staff to cover any and all needs that may come up during your transition.

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We’ve Got You Covered

We know that transitioning your systems to an entirely new software platform can be stressful in itself, without even beginning to consider how best to train your employees. That’s where we’ve got you covered.

Here at StratusGreen, we offer comprehensive, on-demand monthly group training sessions with certified NetSuite solutions providers for employees of all skill and experience levels. So whether you’re just starting out with NetSuite or you’ve been working with it for years, you have nothing to fear! We’ll only teach you what you need to know, at whatever pace you need to learn it. Best of all, you’ll never be stuck with pre-recorded online training modules or pesky manuals that feel like they’ve been written in a different language.

When you come on board with StratusGreen, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager that knows your business through and through from start to finish. Because for us, it doesn’t make any sense to give you a suite of programs you have no idea how to use or a support team that’s unfamiliar with your unique set of concerns. We’re always going to be here for you, whatever issues come up, but our ultimate aim is to make your company self-sufficient.

At StratusGreen, implementation and training go hand in hand to ensure you feel fully prepared to take on the next stage in your business development. Our installation team will ensure your comfort, and our trainers will give you the confidence to utilize the entire NetSuite platform like you’ve been doing it all your life. That’s our promise to you.

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