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Growing SaaS businesses are a unique animal. Billing accuracy, accurate customer user counts, and speed to value for your client base is key. For your staff, they need quick access to contract information, confidence the data is accurate, and a sales organization focused on client acquisition and retention.

Does this sound like your SaaS business?

  • Your business is growing and your are outgrowing your current systems
  • You recently won a funding round with a private equity group and need to report specific metrics in order to keep said funding
  • You’re part of a merger or acquisition deal and need help with data migration, data adjustments, or data clean-up during the transition process
  • You went live on NetSuite 6-18 months ago, finally caught your breath, and are finally ready to make enhancements, but you don’t know where to begin

StratusGreen is Here to Help

We know that setting up your non-inventory items can be a delicate, time-consuming process. We also understand how daunting it can be to implement annual or monthly contract automation, billing recurrences, memorized transactions or user count management. How much time and money do you think you could save if you were able to get all these process up and running seamlessly the first go-around?

Our team is well versed in helping privately owned companies implement reporting automation for their board, including metrics to accurately track and report their MRR, ARR, and others.

We also help global companies merge their NetSuite instances and coordinate a single source of truth in the metrics.

Maybe your goal is to implement the Advanced Revenue Module or to fully automate your contract management. Whatever the case, we’re here to help.

Does ASC 606 mean anything to you? It should.

Data Conversion

Ever saved an excel file as a .csv? How about a Google doc to your downloads folder? Or opening an old file type after you’ve done a program update? These are three examples of data conversion where you never think to hesitate It’s just the spinning wheel that’s telling you we’re working on it behind the scenes.

We know change can be scary. We also know that growth can’t happen without implementing healthy, scalable changes.

Our team has converted millions of transactions as a key part of moving businesses over to NetSuite. We take all your customer history, accounting data, chart of accounts, general ledger, purchases, vendors — even your open transactions — and bring everything together into one platform.

We’re here to take the dread out of the word “transition,” and make necessary conversions feel natural. Let us help you do it right, the first time.

Custom Commission Modules

Have you ever released a new product, a new goal, or new service that doesn’t fit into your existing commission structure? We know how you feel. You could choose not to incentivize the sales team, which hurts your business. Or you could put a new commission structure in place while still handling the manual calculations in Excel. Sure, the latter is better for the business, but you end up putting additional work on your admin and accounting staff. That’s why we’re here to offer you a third choice: let us build a custom commission model tailored to your business that will serve you for years to come.

Tweak your commission structure to drive the right behavior from your sales team, and see the commissions automatically calculated in your system. Show your sales team their commission earnings even as they book orders. Talk about driving motivation!

Marketing & Sales (HubSpot)

When someone tells you to align your marketing and sales visions, are you daunted by the task? Do you even know where to begin?

Let’s face it: aligning visions as a group can be tricky. Why add issues that didn’t exist beforehand, like disconnected systems and mismatched data sets? Well, you don’t have to.

StratusGreen can seamlessly integrate your marketing platform with NetSuite. Our integrations update your systems in close to real-time, and the paths can be bidirectional. This is essential when your sales team updates a lead status, prospect status, or adds new contact information to your CRM. When you both have access to the same information, it leads to clearer communication and stronger collaborations. We’re here for you.

Advanced Revenue Management

NetSuite’s Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) solution helps companies comply with accounting standards including ASC 605, ASC 606, and IFRS 15, as well as reporting financial results in a timely manner. It supports all key rules, including SOP 97-2, SOP 98-9, SOP 81-1, SAB 101, EITF 00-21, EITF 08-01, and EITF 09-03.

The solution automates revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, reclassification, and auditing through a rule-based event-handling framework.

ASC 606 Compliance

ASC 606: Revenue from Contracts with Customers is the new revenue standard, developed jointly by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (ISAB), that affects all businesses entering into contracts with customers for the transfer of goods or services. This pertains to public, private, and non-profit entities. Public companies should already be compliant, based on the 2018 deadline. ASC 606 compliance will help better organize your business’s revenue management, providing an opportunity for improvement and growth.

HubSpot NetSuite Connector

Having your NetSuite instance in sync with your CRM platform is a must. By utilizing the StratusGreen HubSpot Connector, your sales can be streamlined with real-time results.

Our HubSpot Connector was built to help get HubSpot users the most out of their CRM investment.

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