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For Lean, Growth-Ready Manufacturing Businesses

NetSuite’s ERP software suite is perfect for manufacturers to grow their business. It’s all-in-one solution provides capabilities for inventory management, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, CRM, and eCommerce.

NetSuite’s cloud-based solution is the perfect fit for manufacturers, offering an extended, completely integrated global network of suppliers and partners. Its user-friendly interface is adaptable to all business roles and is completely customizable. 


  • Integrates with many CAD applications, supporting easy import of BOMs.
  • Propagates production engineering changes to reflect in BOMs, demand plans, and procurement orders.
  • Extended capabilities for inventory control tracking, planning, and costing of items.
  • Supports comprehensive inventory costing methods including LIFO, FIFO, average, standard, and actual costing.

Order Management

  • Supports real-time visibility into entire order management process.
  • Automatically transitions orders to shipping/logistics and accounts receivable.
  • Supports multi-step picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Integrates with carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS out-of-the-box.

Sales & Marketing

  • Create real-time quotes with automatic incorporation of pricing, sales tax, and discounting rules.
  • Convert leads to sales with creation, execution, and measurement of email campaigns.
  • Manage opportunities across status, potential revenue, key contacts notes, and related documents.
  • Convert quotes into approved sales orders, automatically routing them for invoicing and revenue recognition.

Supply Chain Automation

  • Extended, fully-integrated supply chain environments with data flowing seamlessly across networks.
  • Automatically suggests and generates purchase orders, work orders, and transfer orders across multiple locations.
  • Real-time visibility into key spend, inventory, and supply chain management metrics.
  • Monitors stock levels and automatically creates restocking alerts and reordering forms.

Production Control

  • Automatically creates work orders from sales orders to improve efficiency.
  • Simplifies multi-level work order processing.
  • Supports full production routing capabilities such as operational steps, work centers, labor, overhead, and materials.
  • Maintains a complete history of each product kit through its lifecycle.

Service & Support

  • Automates case management by assigning support tickets to unique customer email addresses.
  • Accelerates return material authorizations.
  • Improves warranty management that automatically triggers return and repair processes.

Financial Management

  • Customizable dashboards for key information.
  • Reporting for income statements, balance sheets, consolidated reports, variance reports, and side-by-side comparisons.
  • Unlimited numbers of general ledge accounts, sub-accounts, and segments.
  • Automatically calculates sales tax, finance charges, and discount terms.


  • Implementation of both B2B and B2C portals.
  • Transfers orders automatically to back-office fulfillment processes.
  • Dynamic price lists reflect purchase volumes.
  • Accepts real-time payments from different credit cards and supports Google Checkout and PayPal.

Warehouse Manager

The production control dashboard is tailored to help a warehouse manager keep track of their daily tasks in the most efficient way.

  • Put your warehouse manager in complete control
  • Review daily planning and what’s happening in real-time on the floor
  • Use dashboards and navigation for complete visibility into production results and errors caused by asset downtime
  • Review work centers
  • Schedule work orders, as well as production and future assignments using the scheduling tools
  • Schedule work by locations, day, production unit, and production class of the bill of materials
  • Use secondary sorting options by age or order priorities
  • Make executive decisions based on delivery day
  • Preview schedules to see how the system automatically smooths out the plan

Data Scanner

Whether it’s desktop, tablet, or scanner, we’ve got you covered.

  • Use the schedule based on the work center
  • Report material operation and all material that is flagged as an issue
  • Report operation downtime as well, then tap on the start button to start reporting for this operation
  • View KPIs from your phone
  • The simplest ways to leverage the tablet is using the touchscreen and photo scanner

Production Manager

Production Managers can easily see reports from the floor and have visibility into today’s schedule.

  • Access employee efficiency reports right from their dedicated dashboard
  • See if an employee is more or less efficient this week based on plan versus actual recording times
  • Determine if capacity is slower than expected
  • Real-time benefits and insights into information from data collected from the floor
  • Keep inventory correct with an easy-to-use tablet interface
  • Gain visibility into critical metrics right at your fingertips
  • No more time wasted creating and searching for reports
  • Keep schedules realistic
  • 40+ additional reports delivered out-of-box

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