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Here at StratusGreen, we understand that your business thrives when its most creative problem solvers are served by the software supporting them, rather than bogged down by outdated programs and processes. We’re expert NetSuite consultants with a philosophy rooted in transparency, innovation, and an unmatched dedication to customer service.

We’re here to help usher you into the next stage of your business development with robust knowledge and vigorous support.

We take the human approach to integrating automation technology with your business.

What positive differences would you see in your people, your customers, and your solutions if the systems didn’t bog you down? What could you create with a renewed energy and focus? What if everyone in your company was on the same page?

By studying the business operations alongside your team, we find the spirit behind each action, take that action apart, put new automation ideas into practice, and leave you with elegant solutions that help your teams focus on what matters most: serving your customers.

This is the human side of technology, and the value you get from working with StratusGreen.

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The #1 Cloud-Based ERP in the World

Why you’ll love NetSuite:

  • A Single System for All of Your Business Processes
  • Increased Productivity
  • Personalized Customization
  • Automated Processes
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Data Sync
  • Customized Sales & Marketing
  • Access your data anywhere in the world

Annual Time-Savings Calculator

Consider what your business could become if every data entry process was fully automated. Imagine how much time you could save, how many paid hours you could devote to more crucial tasks, how much happier and more innovative your employees could be… Would that transition serve your business and your customers?

Use the StratusGreen ROI Calculator to turn this thought experiment into a tangible reality for your team.

Your future awaits.

ROI Calculator

How many minutes a day do you and your team spend on manual work, data entry, reconciliation, and other processes that can be automated?


How much would you save if you automated manual work?

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