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Advanced Revenue Management

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Support for All Key Revenue Recognition Rules

NetSuite’s Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) solution helps companies comply with accounting standards including ASC 605, ASC 606, and IFRS 15, as well as reporting financial results in a timely manner. It supports all key rules, including SOP 97-2, SOP 98-9, SOP 81-1, SAB 101, EITF 00-21, EITF 08-01, and EITF 09-03.

The solution automates revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, reclassification, and auditing through a rule-based event-handling framework.

NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management seamlessly integrates with existing ERP applications such as Oracle Financials, SAP R/3, NetSuite Financials, and third-party ERP applications.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Supports percentage-of-completion accounting
  • Supports event-driven revenue plans
  • Intelligent fair value lookup for stand-alone selling price or ESP/TPE/VSOE
  • Powerful allocation calculator
Multi-Element Sales
  • Automatic reallocation of order value to each line item
  • Customizable schedules on a per-item basis
  • Manages multiple ESPs for every SKU
Flexible Capabilities
  • Revenue recognition schedules for all sales transactions
  • Flexibility for one-off and recurring billing processes
  • Notification when revenue is due to be recognized
  • Multi-currency and multi-subsidiary intelligence
Clear Reporting, Visibility & Monitoring
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Revenue recognition breakouts
  • Continuous ESP monitoring and variances
  • Detailed transaction visibility

ASC 606 Compliance

With an effective adoption date of December 31, 2019 for non-public companies, the ASC 606 revenue standard changes are right around the corner.
NetSuite's Advanced Revenue Management is an all-in-one solution to ASC 606 adoption, not only ensuring your company's compliance, but also fully automating your entire revenue accounting processes.
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