HubSpot NetSuite Connector

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Are you currently utilizing HubSpot and NetSuite? StratusGreen can help!

Having your NetSuite instance in sync with your CRM platform is a must. By utilizing the StratusGreen HubSpot Connector, your sales can be streamlined with real-time results.

Our HubSpot Connector was built to help get HubSpot users the most out of their CRM investment. Take a look to see how you and your team can use this integration to your advantage. 


Dual Sync

  • Custom flows to direct new leads from HubSpot that are not already created in NetSuite
  • Ability to sync Companies, Contacts, Leads and so much more
  • Any data that is updated in Hubspot will be pushed to your NetSuite instance
  • Easy to use custom feild mapping between both solutions

Sync Options

  • Unlimited record syncs
  • Custom sync schedules
  • Dedicated service
  • Sync on demand option available 


  • Tailored discovery session to capture all your signature processes
  • Data sync requirments gathering session included
  • Custom flow build out and demonstration for you and your team
  • Convert any current processes to mimic new sync requirments 

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  • Contact any member of our team for a free, tailored requirments session today!

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