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Case Studies of Our Creative Problem Solving

Our on-staff consultants and developers take a creative approach to solving business challenges using software. We enjoy finding and eliminating excess steps and processes that slow your team down.

Every project featured represents a minimum of 50 custom records and 30 scripts.


Custom Commission Module


Our client needed help driving behavior with their sales team and technicians. Management got together and created a generous commission model to allow their top-performing employees to benefit and ultimately offer more complete solutions to their customers. They tested the new commission model and it became wildly successful. The only problem was management created more manual work for accounting and operations. The commission rules were complex and had to be manually calculated outside of NetSuite for payroll.


The project required complex commissions calculations for multi-subsidiary, multi-currency using Advanced Revenue Management. We created custom records to store calculation and commission rules that could be changed on specific dates. We wrote all the scripting to automatically calculate the commissions and store them long term so they could be paid out based on rules. We also integrated this with the Deferred labor section of ARM.


Configure Price Quote


Providing accurate quotes is the lifeblood of any business. If sales forgot to include a key component in their quote, which happened frequently, their customers felt the pinch and so did customer satisfaction. This in turn hurt the business and resulted in incomplete solutions and money left on the table that clients were happy to pay. Everyone wants a complete solution, the first time.


We built a CPQ tool that allowed the user to select an item from a Sales Order and a pop-up appeared recommending Add-Ons and in certain cases requiring configurations that would change the pricing depending on customer choice.


Lot Traceability


A business found themselves stuck on old scripting in their system and needed support to move to a newer version.


We re-wrote the Lot Traceability script that NetSuite packages with Advanced Manufacturing. It is in 2.0 and has usage limitations for some of the larger customers. We re-wrote the entire thing in 1.0 to get around usage limitations using supported techniques and added more export functionality.


Advanced Templates – Talk to Law


After implementing NetSuite, the operations team found a ton of manual effort being spent attaching expense reports to invoices. Accounting needed this information to accurately tie out expenses. Time was wasted by employees having to manually go in, PDF expense reports, download invoices and then combine the files together. There had to be a better way.


A customer wanted to tie receipts from Expense Reports to Invoices. We created a button on the sales order page which printed using the standard Advanced PDF template and then added all the receipts from Expense Report lines tied to Sales Order lines.


Custom Button


The business was having a duplication of work issue. Now they were on a cloud system that was accessible to everyone, employees were actively checking their fulfillment orders and being more productive. An unforeseen problem arose. Employee’s were having an issue with others trying to grab the same item fulfillment and creating duplicate fulfillments. This caused confusion between employees, internal system issues, and system rework to remove the duplicate fulfillments.


Adding a button to a native saved search to assign specific employees to perform an item fulfillment. (Communication between team members through system, manager assignment or a rep flags a “grabbed” order.


NetSuite Implementation After Outgrowing QuickBooks


VintageView had repeatedly “massaged” the QuickBooks Enterprise system it used for much of its existence to meet its needs. That meant grappling with problems like corrupted files, the lack of an integrated customer relationship
management (CRM) system and no inventory management or reporting tools. “We just kind of dealt with all of that,” said Malek, whose team began experiencing even bigger QuickBooks related pain points over the last four to five years.


HubSpot Integration

Are you currently utilizing HubSpot and NetSuite? StratusGreen can help!

Never heard of HubSpot before? No worries! Hubspot is a leading platform that includes marketing, sales, service, and website management products that start free and scale to meet customers needs at any stage of growth.

Having your NetSuite instance in sync with your CRM platform is a must-have for any business hoping to effectively scale. By utilizing the StratusGreen HubSpot Connector, your sales will be automatically streamlined with real-time results: meaning less time spent on data-entry and more time spent on D2C sales processes!

Our HubSpot Connector was built to help get HubSpot users the most out of their CRM investment. Take a look to see how you and your team can use this integration to your advantage.

  • Easy to use custom field mapping between both solutions
  • Sync Options
    • Unlimited record syncs
    • Custom sync schedules
    • Dedicated service
    • Sync on-demand option available

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The vision of Celigo is to make automation as simple as possible by enabling anyone in the enterprise to build or deploy integrations. We chose to work with this powerful tool because it functions as a leading iPaaS for NetSuite and any other software integration you could wish for. Are you worried about integrating Shopify with NetSuite? Fear not! Celigo acts as a middlepass that can move large amounts of data between different platforms that don’t offer joint functionality on their own. In short, it’s everything you need to build the simple or complex integrations of your wildest dreams.

With Celigo, you can eliminate manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed with spreadsheets and email. We love them because their platform enables visibility across the entire organization, all while utilizing fewer technical resources.

Focus on improving your business instead of maintaining integrations.
As your company grows and processes multiple changes, Celigo’s iPaaS can help you automate, customize, and expand integrations as needed — so you can focus on your core business needs.

Celigo offers:

  • Visual Design Interface
  • Advanced Developer Tools
  • Prebuilt Integrations
  • Actionable Dashboard
  • Complex Orchestrations
  • Universal Connectors

Let’s talk about utilizing Celigo’s iPaaS for your next NetSuite integration today.

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