Core Charge Process & Returns
+ Interchangeable Parts

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It's Our Job to Make Your Job Easier

Improving efficiency and making your job easier is our top priority. Well, we just took two major steps in the right direction by developing tools specifically addressing the automotive industry’s biggest pain points.

Core Charge Process
& Returns

Are returns just the most frustrating part of sales? We thought so, too — that’s why we developed Core Charge & RMA automation for every order — from initial placement to completion to returns.

No more accountants gnawing at the bit over pending RMA liabilities on your books. No more calculating core charges created over a year ago from an invoice that’s long lost in the paper shuffle. No more cross-department communication squabbles because of multiple invoice orders. Serialization, core charges, and returns — all connected and all automated by NetSuite and built by StratusGreen.

Interchangeable Parts

How many times have you been held up during a manufacturing build because you’re searching physical databases or Excel spreadsheets for which bolt could be exchanged with the one you’re missing? If you’re shaking your head thinking this doesn’t apply to you, imagine how much easier your life would be if your CRM system was built to keep track of all that information for you.

Introducing: Interchangeable Parts tracking built into your NetSuite Dashboard. No more waiting for the specialists, the mechanic who went home for the day, or final approval from far above your pay grade. All the information you need, always at your fingertips and hosted in the Cloud.

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