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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution like NetSuite can transform the way you view and run your business. It can give you 360-degree insight into your organization, deliver massive efficiencies, and boost your bottomline results. But just choosing to use one of these tools is only the first step. There’s more to this process then just picking the right ERP solution — The implementation partner you select plays an enormous role in your success.

ERP implementations can be challenging and, when not approached correctly, can put you in a worse position than you were originally. According to ERP Focus, 60% of ERP implementations fail completely, and 57% take longer than expected.

Chances are, you’ve already decided to jump into the NetSuite pool, and you’ve made an excellent choice. NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud-based ERP solution. It’s user-friendly, has meaningful analytics, and is a cost-effective solution. NetSuite is also one of the only ERP solutions that was originally built in the cloud. Once you’ve committed, you’re ready to begin the NetSuite Implementation process. Here’s what you can expect.

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