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Just a few short years ago, many organizations struggled with disjointed solutions that failed to offer a uniform view of their business. Thanks to enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions like NetSuite, those challenges are a thing of the past. Now your business can enjoy a single view of its CRM, financials, back office operations, and more using a simple interface. Here’s what you need to know.

The Basics of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a software platform that combines several different types of business functions into a single interface. ERP software often includes accounting, supply chain management, customer relationship management, eCommerce, and core HR features. But many companies also need to add custom modules that meet their particular needs.

What is NetSuite?

Because of the number of features available and the complexity of ERP software, it has been traditionally only adopted by large corporations. But this has changed in recent years with ERP software like NetSuite that is accessible to mid-sized and small businesses.

NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP system on the market. It is a unified business suite that helps businesses run more cost-effectively and efficiently. The solution is used by more than 24,000 customers in over 200 countries and territories.

NetSuite modules are used by customers across a wide variety of industries. Because it is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere. Some of the features of the product include:

  • Finance/Accounting – Aggregate your business planning process with built-in financial management and accounting features.
  • Human Resources – Connect your employees and management with records and information such as scheduling, time tracking, and performance data.
  • CRM – Get streamlined data to your sales team to help them improve the customer experience.
  • IT Helpdesk – Keep your organization’s technology running smoothly with integrated IT support.
  • Estimating + Forecasting – Make better, faster, and more accurate decisions with NetSuite Financials’ increased visibility.
  • Order Processing – Improve order processing and return times with integrated systems.
  • Inventory and Procurement – Streamline the management of your stockroom and warehouse inventories to improve cash flow and customer service.
  • Contract Management – Gain additional oversight and easily view contract details for any specific customer.
  • eCommerce – Manage your eCommerce website directly with product development, supply chains, and shipping modules.

What NetSuite Can Do For Your Business

NetSuite is capable of running all of your business operations efficiently in one solution. The benefits to your business include:

1. Single Enterprise Solution

The NetSuite ERP acts as a single, streamlined solution for business functions. It covers nearly every area of your business from a single platform.

2. Better Decision Making

NetSuite offers a variety of business intelligence tools that help your business make more timely and informed business decisions. Real-time reporting allows you to your business data with the most up-to-date information.

3. Reduced Software Overhead

This ERP software solution allows your business to eliminate disjointed systems in favor of a single, unified solution, allowing your business to reduce the number of software systems it uses.

4. Increased Communication

Because the system is integrated, your organization can begin eliminating business silos and instead create a single source of truth that will identify opportunities for growth.

5. Customizable Solution

NetSuite offers a high degree of flexibility, meaning you can customize the software to meet your needs, integrate with a third-party system, and scale its use as you grow. With NetSuite’s 95% out-of-the-box functionality, it is ready to work for your business from Day 1. The remaining 5% of customization is the “secret sauce” that helps propel your business to maximum optimization.

Ready to Streamline Your Business Processes?

If you’d like to investigate how you can manage all of your essential business processes (inventory, payroll, accounting, CRM, Ecommerce, etc.) with a single solution, you’ve come to the right place. StratusGreen is a certified NetSuite Partner, and we’d love to speak with you about how we can best help your business.