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If your business uses a variety of different time tracking, resource planning, project management, and collaboration tools that may or may not speak to each other, it’s probably struggling with some inefficiencies.

Instead of running on an on-premises network, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system runs on a vendor’s cloud platform and uses a single data source across various modules. This allows organizations to access a fully integrated system from anywhere using a simple internet connection and browser. One of the most popular ERP system options is NetSuite OpenAir.

What is NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is a professional services automation (PSA) solution that helps organizations increase resource utilization, improve on-time project delivery, and boost margins. A product of the Oracle Corporation, this solution helps organizations add value by maximizing resources.

A key challenge for service delivery organizations is understanding and optimizing their capacity for upcoming work. NetSuite OpenAir helps businesses maximize revenue by analyzing all open and potential projects in the system and creating different scenarios to make the best use of available resources.

Main Features of NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite OpenAir is the only single platform Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution which combines all of the features an organization needs to manage its projects, resources, and financials. Some of the main features of the NetSuite system include:

Project Management

This solution allows for collaboration between project managers and team members to maintain accurate and current project status at all times. This allows management to proactively identify and address potential issues, with the result being a substantially improved project completion record, less non-billable work, and more satisfied clients.

Resource Management

Having a real-time project timeline gives you the insight you need to ensure the right resources are allocated to the right projects. As a project evolves, you can adjust resource allocation as well as deploy and manage resources based on your staff’s availability, interests, and skills.

Timesheet Management

This solution can remove the monotony and error out of managing timesheets for both employees and managers. The system quickly and easily captures data, whether on the road or in the office.

Invoicing and Accounting

You can efficiently and easily analyze and manage your project’s finances with NetSuite OpenAir’s accounting module. From project bid and planning through expense and time tracking to internal charge-backs and client billing. The billing and accounting software provides powerful tools to perform these functions in a cloud-based environment.

Dashboards and Reporting

Your ERP solution will only be as good as the information you get out of it. Knowing this, NetSuite OpenAir delivers a robust dashboard with analytical and reporting tools that are integrated across all features to deliver real-time, on-demand data. There are over 75 standard reports included.

Purpose of NetSuite OpenAir

Service businesses will find that they can use NetSuite OpenAir to better manage customer engagement, select and optimize the right people for each customer touchpoint, and automate progress and cost-tracking to ensure accurate and timely invoicing.

NetSuite OpenAir is the uncomplicated way to drive better results and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. If you’re ready to learn more about NetSuite ERP like OpenAir, contact us to discuss your requirements and learn more about our services.