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Just like a vehicle, the automotive industry has a lot of moving parts. A company in this sector will have to manage things like sourcing materials, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, inventory, personnel, marketing, sales, and much more. Just having one or two of these functions out of alignment can severely impact a business. Here is how NetSuite can be the ideal all-in-one solution to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Managing inventory can be challenging in the automotive industry. If you run out of something, customers will be dissatisfied. If you have too much, it’s going to be costly in terms of storage. But supply chain constraints have made it even harder to manage inventory in every industry. Auto prices have soared because of it.

NetSuite can ease some of this burden by giving you real-time visibility into your inventory. If a customer makes an online or in-person purchase, inventory will be updated instantly. You can even set thresholds in the system to trigger automatic reorders.

Outstanding Order Management

In some cases, it can take a week or more for automotive parts to get to a customer. But what if you could get these items delivered faster? In today’s eCommerce environment, customers will notice and appreciate these efforts.

NetSuite allows you to process orders much quicker, resulting in more efficient fulfillment. When you use this solution, you can remove many of the obstacles that slow down the shipping process as well as reduce or eliminate errors. Also, invoices and payments are handled automatically.

Customized Customer Experience

Today’s consumers want choices. If they’re buying a car, they want to be able to design it online first. If they are purchasing auto parts, they want to choose whether to have it delivered or the popular “in-store pickup” option.

What does this have to do with NetSuite? Everything. NetSuite offers a simple multi-channel experience, meaning you can enhance the customer experience by providing as many options as you can imagine.

Better Cost Control Measures

An automotive business can be inefficient when it comes to cash management and back-end processes. But NetSuite can help you streamline what happens on the back end of your business, which can significantly reduce costs.

For example, this solution allows you to integrate your back end processes with your main website. These processes include merchant services, customer relationship management (CRM), financials, freight integration, and marketing.

Custom Solutions by StratusGreen

Improving efficiency and making your job easier is our top priority. Well, we just took two major steps in the right direction by developing tools specifically addressing the automotive industry’s biggest pain points.

Core Charge Process & Returns

Are returns just the most frustrating part of sales? We thought so, too — that’s why we developed Core Charge & RMA automation for every order — from initial placement to completion to returns.

No more accountants gnawing at the bit over pending RMA liabilities on your books. No more calculating core charges created over a year ago from an invoice that’s long lost in the paper shuffle. No more cross-department communication squabbles because of multiple invoice orders. Serialization, core charges, and returns — all connected and all automated by NetSuite and built by StratusGreen.

Interchangeable Parts

How many times have you been held up during a manufacturing build because you’re searching physical databases or Excel spreadsheets for which bolt could be exchanged with the one you’re missing? If you’re shaking your head thinking this doesn’t apply to you, imagine how much easier your life would be if your CRM system was built to keep track of all that information for you.

Introducing: Interchangeable Parts tracking built into your NetSuite Dashboard. No more waiting for the specialists, the mechanic who went home for the day, or final approval from far above your pay grade. All the information you need, always at your fingertips and hosted in the Cloud.

Talk to a NetSuite Expert

Oracle and NetSuite are already helping automotive industry leaders like Mazda, Toyota, and Lyft. If you’re interested in learning more about what NetSuite can do for your automotive business, contact us to speak with a NetSuite expert.

We can outline many of the benefits your business will receive by using NetSuite. Our firm will also discuss an implementation strategy that will work best for your business.