Billing with StratusGreen

The reason you hire a software consultant is so you can utilize the years of training, hands-on experience, and expertise they have with that software and your industry. They know its capabilities, functionality, and potential customizations better than you could ever hope to on your own. When it comes to adapting your business to the changing landscape of your industry, trust that a consultant’s perspective can be the make or break ingredient between wasted hours and time well spent.

Throughout your time with StratusGreen, you’ll work with a team of consultants, architects, and developers whose roles are all specialized to serve your needs.

Consultants talk business scope, goals, hopes, and dreams with you. Think of them as software-savvy business coaches who are there to help you clarify the direction of your company now that you have a powerful new system at your fingertips. They’ll be your main point of contact for any work requests, questions, or pain points along the way.

The Architects’ purpose is to design game plans and provide you with the accompanying quotes for any work requests you send in through your consultant or Asana. They figure out how best to solve the problems you bring us, saving the developers time and saving you money on billable hours that would’ve otherwise been spent on troubleshooting. Once their plans are bulletproof and work has been quoted and approved by you and our team, the developers begin executing your ticket.

This order of operations ensures that you get what you need while only being billed for the necessary time it takes to complete the task at hand. Other companies will send work orders directly to their developers, who then spend several rounds of creating assets and getting on the phone with you before they figure out exactly what will work for your business model.

NetSuite is an infinitely customizable software system that seamlessly integrates with various third-party programs as your needs change with your business. But not all of these varying customizations and integrations support each other. That’s where we come in. We think “big picture” and long term. Our team will field every update, installation, and integration you think you may need, saving you time, money now and later. We can do this because we know the forecasted trends for your industry and the direction you want to steer your company through in the coming years. This is why you’re paying us: to give you 100 fewer things to worry about and let you focus on running your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will I be invoiced?

We will send invoices to you every month as work is performed.

When is payment due?

Payment will is due within 15 days of receiving your invoice. If your invoice remains unpaid after 15 days, we will apply a 5% penalty fee to the invoice.

Will I have final approval on quotes?

Any quotes we give you for work orders will need to be approved by you before the work begins, and any changes that affect said quotes would also need to be approved by you before we can implement those changes.

Why am I being billed for scope of work meetings?

Because this is where the magic happens! Without taking the time to sit down together and get clear on exactly what you’re looking to implement, we can’t properly utilize the expertise of our developers. We use these calls to develop clear paths forward and set mutual expectations for what we can build and how long it will take us to complete it. In this way, we’re actually saving you time and money by making work on our end more efficient and better spent.


What is Asana and how do I use it?

Asana is a work graph task management tool that gives our team and yours everything we need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach our goals. Asana is the tool you will use to submit the majority of your work request tickets to our consultants during our time together.

What is an Asana Project?

As a StratusGreen client, you will have 1 of two types of projects in Asana:

  • Support Project: You already have your NetSuite instance implemented and will be utilizing StratusGreen for ongoing NetSuite support.
  • Implementation Project: StratusGreen will start a discovery process and bring your business live in NetSuite.

What are the Project Swim Lanes in Asana?

  1. Pre-Request Ideas: Projects that haven’t been fully fleshed out by the client.
  2. New Requests: Requests that have a full description but have not been quoted or approved.
  3. Scoped/Not Started: Requests that have a full description been quoted, and are either awaiting approval by client or awaiting assignment to development.
  4. In Progress: A ticket currently being worked on by Development or is in testing with StratusGreen Development or Consulting.
  5. With Client For Testing: A ticket that has been completed by Development, has a written testing guide, and has been fully tested by Development and Consulting and is ready for the Client to test; or is fully tested by the client and is pending Client Approval to Move to Production.
  6. Completed: A ticket that needs no further work.
  7. Canceled/On Hold: A ticket that has been put on hold by the client, but has the potential to be reopened at a later date.