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Are you currently utilizing HubSpot and NetSuite? StratusGreen can help!

Having your NetSuite instance in sync with your CRM platform is a must. By utlizing the StratusGreen HubSpot Connector your sales can be streamlined and you obtain realtime results.

Our HubSpot Connector was built to assist HubSpot users get the best out of their CRM investment. Take a look to see how you and your team can use this integration to your advantage. 

Dual Sync

  • Custom flows to direct new leads from HubSpot that are not already created in NetSuite
  • Ability to sync Companies, Contacts, Leads and so much more
  • Any data that is updated in Hubspot will be pushed to your NetSuite instance
  • Easy to use custom feild mapping between both solutions

Sync Options

  • Unlimited record syncs
  • Custom sync schedules
  • Dedicated service
  • Sync on demand option available 


  • Tailored discovery session to capture all your signature processes
  • Data sync requirments gathering session included
  • Custom flow build out and demonstration for you and your team
  • Convert any current processes to mimic new sync requirments 

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  • Contact any member of our team for a free, tailored requirments session today!

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