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Why StratusGreen?

Our Sole Purpose is to Make Your Job Easier

We are a collection of industry-leading consultants who implement personally relevant and professionally streamlined technology designed to serve its users first and foremost. In the vast, ever-changing market your business inhabits, we’re here to take the guesswork out of selecting and enhancing your ERP system.

At StratusGreen, we understand that your business thrives when the best creative problem solvers are served by the software supporting them, instead of bogged down by outdated programs and processes. Our philosophy is rooted in transparency, innovation, and building resiliency into every partner with which we have the privilege of collaborating. Let us help usher you into the next stage of your business development, and know that we will be by your side every step of the way.

Why We’re Different

So many businesses and people want to show up, take over, and simply tell you what they’ve got. Think of someone hawking their wares as you pass by. Those businesses think you fit into a certain box. They don’t care about your professional journey, they don’t care about where you’re going, they don’t want to listen to you, and on the rare occasion they do, you find them only listening long enough to tie you back to their products or services. And many people, ever since commerce has been around, find that approach works to a certain extent.

What those businesses create, though, is accidental value. Here at StratusGreen we bring intention into everything we do. We understand that while many challenges are similar, the approach each business needs to solving these challenges is fundamentally different. This fundamental difference is what your people bring to the table. These differences represent your company philosophy and your unique approach to solving problems.

Our team understands that there are real people solving problems at your company, and those are the individuals we work with to help their individuality come through, rather than bogging them down by mundane processes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could focus on running a profitable business, expanding into new markets, and delighting your customers instead of duplicating efforts in different software systems, tying electronic transactions together, and manually compiling dozens of reports every week? What differences would you see with that kind of focus from your team?

Each person at StratusGreen has been in a version of your position today and have made the transition with a business who ran on a number of various software programs to a consolidated platform with NetSuite. After we made this transition ourselves, we saw a crystal clear path forward to helping others do the same.

Many organizations have made the switch to automation. This is where the market is going, and no one vertical needs to be left behind.

We take the human approach to integrating automation and technology into your business.

By studying your operations alongside your people, we find the spirit behind each action, take that action apart, put new automation ideas into practice, and leave you with elegant solutions that help your teams focus on what matters most: serving your customers.

Our philosophy is simple: Create. Automate. Iterate.

This is the human side of technology, and the value you get from working with StratusGreen. We are always there to support you.

Businesses are created in the gaps of unfulfilled needs. As your business grows, so do the problems you face to stay competitive. Without a technology roadmap, you find yourself here. The system hairball. You’re focused on the craft and the product or services outcome, not the underlying systems and processes. You get to a certain point where these underlying systems start driving talent away and stealing the energy you use to create your products.

Again, what positive differences would you see in your people, your customers and your solutions if the systems didn’t bog you down? What could you create with that kind of focus? What if everyone in your company was on the same page?

It’s possible. And, for many businesses today, this is a reality.

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